Give information anonymously

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You can contact the Integrity Line anonymously 24/7. Talking to one of our operators helps you to provide the full picture and ensures the most can be made of your information.

Calling the Integrity Line

Crimestoppers operators are highly skilled in question handling to deal with ANY matters relating to wrongdoing in the workplace to help callers provide as much information as possible. 

Calls to the Integrity Line are free from all UK landlines.

Calls to the Integrity Line will never be recorded or traced.

Employees can also pass on information to the Integrity Line online via the Give Information Anonymously form on this website. Information sent via the Integrity Line online form is sent to us over a secure internet connection which makes sure individuals, and their computer, are anonymous.

Get in touch for more information on the Integrity Line.

Use the online form

You can give information by using our anonymous online form, but be sure to give as much information as possible. This will enable investigators to make the most of your information. If your organisation has signed up to use Integrity Line, please use the online form which will be available on your organisation's intranet.

All information is submitted over an encrypted SSL connection (the same encryption that banks use) and you will remain anonymous.

2 Way Login

Once you have completed an online form, you can choose to opt for Integrity Line to keep in contact with you - this enables us to ask any further questions about the information you have provided. The system is operated via an anonymous login system. If you have signed up to 2 way previously you can access your account by going to the Login link at the top right of the Anonymous Online Form page.