For Organisations

Company-run reporting or whistleblowing lines can be mistrusted by staff for fear of their identity and complaint becoming known amongst colleagues. This can lead to unlawful and unethical behavior going unreported.

Integrity Line offers a solution.

Crimestoppers has more than 28 years' experience and reputation in the taking and processing of information anonymously, making us best-placed to take information about wrongdoing in the workplace. 

We know the guarantee of anonymity is vitally important in making it easier for employees with information to come forward and break the silence about wrongdoing at work. The Integrity Line is a means to provide anonymous information in a non-judgmental environment but also gives members of your workplace the opportunity to volunteer their details.

All information received by the Integrity Line is only given to the point of contact nominated by you. Information is passed on via email. If it requires immediate action, we will call and email you.