What is the Integrity Line?

The Integrity Line is an anonymous and independent reporting service for staff to raise concerns you feel cannot be raised in the normal way. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is powered by the registered national charity Crimestoppers

How can I contact the Integrity Line?

Contact the Integrity Line by telephone or by completing an online reporting form.

Who can use the Integrity Line?

It can be used by any member of staff within your organisation including all employees, contractors and agency staff.

When should I use the Integrity Line?

Contact the Integrity Line if you have concerns about corruption, dishonesty, unethical behaviour, health and safety or discrimination which you feel you cannot raise in the normal way.

Does the Integrity Line give advice to callers?

No.  The role of the Integrity Line is to provide you with a means to provide anonymous information in an entirely non-judgmental environment.

Who answers calls to the Integrity line?

Calls to the Integrity Line are answered by the highly trained and experienced call handling team who work for Crimestoppers, an independent UK charity working to stop crime.

What happens if I call the Integrity Line?

Your call will be logged by the Integrity Line and a report will be passed to the appropriate senior manager within your organisation within 24hrs who will then decide upon the next course of action.

Does the Integrity Line tape-record calls?


Can I call the Integrity Line anonymously?

Yes, absolutely.

How does the Integrity Line ensure my anonymity?

Just as at Crimestoppers, the Integrity Line does not have the capability to trace or record calls and there is no 1471 facility or call line identifier. As a result the Integrity Line has no means of identifying you unless you volunteer your details. The Integrity Line is there to process what you know, not identify who you are.

Can my organisation trust anonymous information?

Anonymous information can often be very useful in directing an investigation and once the issue is highlighted it may be quickly resolved.

What can I report to the Integrity Line?

The Integrity Line is there for you to report any form of unethical wrongdoing or illegal activity within your workplace which you may be aware of and that is causing you to feel uncomfortable. This can include, but is not limited to;

•             Theft

•             Fraud

•             Substance/alcohol abuse

•             Falsifying time sheets/expense claims

•             Compliance/regulatory

•             Bribery & corruption

•             Bullying & Harassment of any kind

How will my information be investigated?

Any actionable information which you may provide will be investigated by the designated senior member of your organisation’s legal/compliance/HR team.

What about malicious calls?

The Integrity Line’s independent reporting lines receive very few, if any, malicious calls. The skill and expertise of the call-handling team at Crimestoppers often identifies such calls and brings them to a premature conclusion. All information received will be subject to proper analysis and assessment so you should feel safe that a colleague cannot target you without substantial justification. Malicious complaints could lead to disciplinary action.

Why does my organisation use the Integrity Line?

Although rare, and only ever involving a tiny number of staff, things can go wrong at work, be it dishonesty, fraud or bullying. This disrupts the productivity of your organisation as well as placing the safety and well-being of you and your colleagues at risk. Your organisation is committed to tackling these issues and so provides the Integrity Line as a means to achieve this. We know that reporting wrongdoing in the workplace can be a worrying and stressful thing to have to do due to fear of the repercussions; your organisation understands this too and so offers the Integrity Line in order to support you in raising concerns you feel cannot be raised in the normal way.