The same standards of protection are provided for every caller to the same rigid standards as are offered to Crimestoppers callers. Call-agents do not have access to the 1471 system or call line identification and calls cannot be traced. There is no voice recording system so a tape of a call can never be replayed to identify a contact. Of course, if you are happy for your details to be passed on, then your details will be taken and the call-agent will make this clear to you.

We know the guarantee of anonymity that comes with contacting the Integrity Line is vitally important.

It makes it easier for those with information to come forward, to break the silence about wrongdoing at work.

Anonymity makes a difference.

  • We don't want to know your name.
  • Your call will not be recorded.
  • Your call will not be traced.
  • Our online form uses the same encryption as banks.

We create a report from the information you give us. Our call handlers will check that this report contains no information that could identify you. We don't even make a note of your gender.

To give information anonymously, call the number advertised by your employer or fill out our anonymous online form.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy details when and how use your information.